Wal-Mart Pulls Jewelry Off Shelves That Contain Cadmium

May 25, 2010

A Wal-Mart jewelry recall? High levels of the toxic metal cadmium have led Wal-Mart to pull its Miley Cyrus line of children and adult jewelry.

Wal-Mart’s reputation has taken a bath recently. This won’t help. Wal-Mart reportedly received information about the high cadmium levels in February and did nothing. In April, Wal-Mart said it were testing product not on the shelves but to test items already on the shelves would be “too difficult.” Wal-Mart also didn’t define the jewelry at risk, saying it was just jewelry for juniors. After the AP reported the story, Wal-Mart flipped its position and issued a recall of the jewelry.

Are their lawsuits coming here? I doubt it because it will be almost impossible to prove damages at this time from a high level of toxic metal cadmium. However, this clearly underscores that we need a strong, vibrant civil justice system to keep these Fortune 500 Companies in check!

Attorney Scott Edgett is a Texas Trial Attorney with Humphreys & Peterson Law Firm, PLLC in Dallas, Texas.


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